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. A: I'd like to see more explanation of what is this actually doing in context of your real app. I would recommend using Formik for validation, because with it you have a well known module for easily displaying a validation error, and you can use nice component-wise interfaces for better UX And to display a validation error you can use: import { Error } from "react-bootstrap"; import Form from "react-bootstrap/Form"; event.preventDefault()} errors={error} ref={input => { input.focus(); }} > Note: name is the name of the input element. Note: You may have to wrap it in a function or you can have a local variable. But this is the preferred way. Note: value is the actual value of the input field Note: error is an object with a message property. Note: you can use something like this.error.message to display it. This error is from Formik's custom validator: export default function formikValidation( errors, values, { setErrors, handleChange, pristine, reset, props: { name,...otherProps }, } = {} ) { const { name, onChange, } = props; const validatedError = {} Object.assign(validatedError, errors) if (!validateForm(name, values)) { return validatedError } // TODO: use custom `handleChange` to reset error setErrors({ [name]: errors }) handleChange(values) reset(values) return null } You can change the default form validation by changing formikValidation's return statement from null to a string. For example:



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