Hotel Solutions

We are a group of professionals in various fields of the Hospitality Industry, who put at your service our international experience of more than 30 years marketing, operating and managing hotels of all sizes and types.


Strategic plan

We are not theoretical, we are practical

Having had the opportunity to apply our knowledge and experience in various organizations in the tourism field, always obtaining very outstanding results, we put at your disposal the best practices with proven results.
We design strategies using intelligent tools and global resources to provide our clients with relevant information for making the right decisions that lead them to achieve their goals.


Grow your business

Do you want to develop your business but are not sure who to turn to? Do you need help planning or executing your next project? We accompany you in the process! Any organization can advance with small progressive changes, but building its future in an environment as changing as the current one requires making timely, well-informed decisions and continuing with adequate follow-ups to achieve the proposed objectives.



Effective solutions for specific challenges

With years of experience, we have the ability and knowledge to move your business forward. In Soluciones para Hoteles we combine our knowledge and skills to transform your processes and strategies and with it, the results of your hotel. We are proud to be able to help our clients shape and improve the structure and management of their business units.

Marketing and Sales

Effective communication with your current and potential clients

We support our clients to detect their potential clients, by means of the commercialization and sale in the suitable channels and we jointly design strategies and techniques of negotiation, communication and distribution, specially designed in a personalized way for each hotel. Contact us without any obligation to learn more about our proposal.


We elaborate .....

Practical formulas that are profitable for you. We contribute to the financial health of your business.

Since 1990 we have supported hotels of various types of operation to respond to changes in the industry so that they can continue to compete in an increasingly complicated environment. Our years of experience have taught us that it is our clients who know their business best and know perfectly what affects them, so they already have the answers and only require support to implement them.

Call us today to arrange a first consultation without obligation and start to jointly create the formula that your hotel needs!


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